My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sometimes we forget how we arrived at this point in life. We tend to put the difficulties and hardship that we had to go through in the back of our minds. We only take the many fond memories that we have and the many experiences that we gained. And move forward without taking a glance on what we left behind. Still, being in the present. The past that we think, we had put to rest comes to question in the present. Remember that the past doesn't define who we are now. It's just a simple explanation on how we got there. So, embrace the past, look forward into the future and smile. Life is full of the unexpected, so take it step by step and day by day, who knows what awaits for you there!

So smile, shoulders straight, chin up and take a step towards a better future, a better person.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A working progress chapter 1 comes to an end !

Phase one in Negeri Sembilan just ended yesterday,
School holiday just arrived today,
Yesterday I was in Seremban,
Today I'm at Terengganu,
Currently staying with my grandpa & grandma.

Owh Terengganu,
A place I call heaven,
For all the delicious food that I keep eating whenever  I'm here,
Well the only bad side effect would be that,
Owh my tummy,
And owh there goes my weight sky-rocketing high.

I'm not that slim anymoreeeee~

Friday, May 17, 2013

I am that girl,
The girl that made so many mistakes in life,
Stumbled down when life throws me out of balance,
Cried out her tears till there were no more left to be shed,
Relied on others till I realize it's holding me back,
Depending on others rather than standing proud on my own,

That girl received confidence,
Had a change in perspective,
That brought a new light in her life,
Here I am,
See me,
The one who thought I was lacking,
In the end was only me,
Being too independent can be a weakness to,
Closing my heart to others seems right,
Not wanting to get hurt was just hiding behind walls,
Creating tall and wide walls,
Only made me realize,
No one can escape from being hurt by others,
Open your heart so that others can do the same for you,
Smile as much as you can,,
So that others will smile with you,
And life will never be the same in your eyes.
Embrace the pain as it'll only make you more stronger.

Smile, chin up,
Look forward to what the future has in store for you!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Mum, My Love, The One That I'll miss the most after HIM & Our Prophet.

My Mum,
The One that gave birth to me,
The One who always encouraged me to do better,
The One who wiped away my tears,
The One that had such a beautiful heart,
The One that I admired and want to resemble like her.

Even though you are no longer with me,
You still live my heart and smile with me,
That always appears in mind whenever I feel down,
I'll always feel that I've never told you how much you meant to me,
And how sorry I am for the times that I made you cry.

I hope the relationship that I had with my mum,
Is something that I'll have with my Mother in law,
I really miss having someone fussing over me when I'm sick,
Who will listen to all my worries and tell me that everything's gonna be fine,
Tell me when I've done something wrong.

So, To that person out there,
I hope you're close and have a great relationship with your mum,
Appreciate her while she's still with you,
Memories are things that will blur as time pass by,
Love them while you can.

I love my mum, 
Where ever you are,
Hopefully will meet again in Jannah.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A working progress Chapter 1

Currently working as an enumerator for the Nutrition Society of Malaysia.
It may not be a job that pays big bucks,
But it is a job that'll provide invaluable experience to me,
If in the future I was to continue in my studies,
So, it's kinda of planning ahead,
Plus, I get to travel & stay 3 different states over a period of time,
Without having to worry & fuss about accommodation & transportation,
Which is provided by them,
Luckily I love what I'm currently working for,
While enjoying every minute of it with great company too.

Meeting & talking to children that are still pure & honest in their words,
It reminds me the innocence that I once had,
Hopefully, Still have till now,
Which differs to the teenagers,
Who are more playfull,
Still, They are all cute!