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Sunday, December 9, 2012


credits to Ms Hafizah!

Categorize into three sections:
1. Veterans 
2. Adults
3. Children

For adults it covered the grounds of UiTM, I read in someone's blog that it was 7 KM.
Not quite sure, but I can tell you that the experience was exhilarating for me,  
not a fan of running or exercising but instead I just walked all the way to the finishing line.
It was quite embarrassing for me, as I walked three quarter of the track,
an ambulance approached me & tried to coerce into getting in the ambulance to finish the race.
It wasn't that I was half dead trying to finish it,
I was enjoying the walk which I clearly needed since I don't exercise much,
It was disheartening for me, as they should be supporting me to finish instead of trying to break my spirit.
Even if I can't run I want it to end in my terms.
At least I can feel the satisfaction in my efforts.
The crew that kept watch, always had a smile when I reach them..
It was encouraging, someone even gave support by saying, Yeah you can do it, just 1 more mile.
That certainly put a smile on my face.
Overall I had an amazing time, certainly one of the highlights of my life!
Hopefully, there will be more to come in the future.