My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Monday, June 25, 2012


The title says it all, exams are just around the corner this Wednesday first paper of this semester.
In reality it hasn't sink in yet, the need to study and remain focus. Life is messy and complicated right now.
Like me, it just seems that every time I think things have settled they shift unto something else.
I know that change is unavoidable but a girl can wish right? Ya Allah, give me the strength to always be on the straight & narrow!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A date with promise

               An afternoon out with a friend, last Saturday I went to Cinta Masjid that was held by TV Al-Hijrah. It was interesting, and had a very calming effect to me who lately is being plagued with assignments that just makes one really cranky. But sitting there during that moment, it just felt like the world had stopped and nothing else mattered. Hopefully more moments like this to come and with my other half always supporting me to be better, I'll be better. A day to be thankful and grateful. Thank you Allah for always putting people that always wants what's best for me.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Knocking on my heart..

It seems that people keep trying to match me with guys, hehe
To think that I often wondered that if there was anyone out there would want me,
Now, it seems that there's so many people who want to be apart of my life,
As much as I want it in the future,
Now, it seems so far away, hehe
It's one door that I'm not ready to open and explore yet.
So, thank you for offering,
Thanks but no thanks!