My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a moment to remember

a person can build a house in his/her heart
and forgiveness is a way to make more room for important matters
when you hate someone & forgive them you are placing them in a tiny room
which you limit the space
but when you hate someone soo much & won't forgive them
you are giving them all the room in your heart
which makes it impossible for other feeling to inhibit your heart
such as love, friendship & etc
which later on affects your life and your attitude to other people
it makes you keep people at some distance
and it keeps you from getting hurt & holds you back in learning about different emotions & feeliings
sometimes you just have to forgive in order to forget & move on in your life
and you should always seek forgiveness in others too
tell them how you feel
free yourself from emotional burden
when you share it with someone it feels like a burden is lifted & you free yourself a little from the shackles that hold you down

truth to be told i'm not a nice person
i wasn't born perfect nor do i pretend to be one
but i always try to find the goodness in people
and not focus on their weakness
i seldom get angry, even if i do
i'll only feel guilty & apologize
& don't know how to hate people

okay enough i'm rambling too much..

just watch the movie okay, a moment to remember!