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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Epik High

Sometimes I feel like I'm a flower that's frozen,
Trapped in a chrysalis state,
Waiting for summer to come,
Waiting for the moment where I can bloom,
And I shall bloom in adversity,
Staying the same,
Unchanging and faithful,
For you,
I remain unfazed towards the world,
What ever changes occur,
I shall face it confidently,
For I have you Allah beside me,
and nothing else should matter.

Shall I bloom in the light of Taqwa,
Shall I become the one that falls in love everyday,
With everyday that I live,
I shall fall deeply,
I shall miss truly,
I shall be honestly,
I shall love no one other but you,
The one and only,
The one who forgives me,
The one who loves me,
The one who created me,
The one and only God,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Aidil Adha = sacrifice

As you know on this particular day of the year is when the muslim's gather to celebrate Eid.

In the memory of the prophet Ibrahim who was willing to sacrifice Prophet Ismail to follow Allah's wishes, however Allah the Almighty replaced Ismail with a goat to replace him. This is only one sentence to summarize the whole story.

A friend of mine updated her status about sacrificing her bad behaviour to replace the sacrifice cattle, etc.
In life, people collect a lot of things during their journey.
It could be excessive amounts of bad behaviour that can wear down a person.
It could be good manner, a pleasant behaviour that can uplift a person.

Sacrifice =  1.  Endure the loss of
                  2.  Kill or destroy
                  3.  Sell at a loss
                  4.  Make a sacrifice of ; in religious rituals

1. I sacrificed my feelings so that I can be a more patient person to my family.
2. I sacrificed my ego so that I can work together with other people.
3. I sacrificed my needs to fulfil other people's needs ahead of mine.
4. I sacrificed my bad behaviour in hopes of being a better person.

The value of a sacrifice differs to each person, as no one is the same as two peas in a pod.
So, if you know that someone is sacrificing something they have for you,
appreciate them, to you it might something mundane but for the person who is sacrificing it,
it may be something that might be equally important but they put you as a much important matter in their life!

Happy Eid!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A song that just speaks on it's own~

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Past Yesterdays, Nowadays & New days ahead

People often forget that in order to reach where they are today,
They had to go through many days before reaching here,
And when they see the present you,
And the past you,
People will always wonder what had led you,
To be you now,
What had happen to you?
So many questions arise,
Whether the you now will succeed or succumb to temptation,
People judge other people,
But rarely judge what lies in front of them,
I judge, you judge, they judge,
It's rarely the same thing that is being judge,
Is she just faking it?
Is she sincere?
To judge others is easy,
But when your the one being judged,
Than that's a whole other story,
I'm far from perfect.
I too also judge people, friends and family.

But a friend is someone you accept them for their kindness,
Not the tiny little flaws that don't make up a friendship.