My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding Bells~

Wedding bells are ringing in my ears..
Last year three of my friends got married..
Two of them gave birth this year..
Next month another friend is getting married,
The after that my dad's getting married,
This upcoming Raya yet another one of my friend is getting married.

I'm officially jealous of them,
It's every girls dream to wear the Dress,
The dress that will just stun other people & make them just sigh,
and wish they could just look like that,
Everyone knows I'm a romantic at heart.

It's not only about the chance of wearing that dress,
That makes me sigh with jealousy,
It's also about how they can take the plunge of entering that kind of relationship,
As much as I want kids of my own,
The thought of spending the rest of my life bound to another person scares me.

So, whenever the talk of marriage comes out,
I'd retreat slowly out of their gasp,
And I'd change the topic to something lighter,
Something less serious,
It's just the way I am.