My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The crushes, the mistakes,
The could be the "One"
Yes, all these people...
Where the one that I met in the past,
That was before I met you.

Maybe during that period of time,
I judged them too easily,
I let my heart rule over me,
And ignored everything...
everything that my head said no to!

I just wanted to fill out the void & emptiness inside me,
by meeting these people I learn new things & experience,
I just got tired of waiting for the "One",
to appear in my life,
I followed my heart & explored the opportunities available,
and that experience changed me and made me more mature,
And who knew somewhere along that path,
It might lead me to you!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A piece from the past...

I really loved to write, still do...
This one was written during high school,
a short one, too short maybe.. hehe

It has been three years since my dearly husband passed away and God rest his soul.It was a hard time for me to live without him. But life must go on as they say and the dead are forgotten as the living move on. However in some days I still feel his presence around me, calling for me and haunting me in my dreams. Since either of us didn't have parents, I had to try to continue this life alone without him my only relative and the only relation that I cherished.
It took a couple of months to get used to live in a big house all alone. With him gone the house seemed bigger, emptier. He was always able to light up the house with his presence. There were no children from our marriage because we agreed that we wouldn't start a family for the first five years of our marriage. Now, that was my biggest regret ever. There was an emptiness in my heart that couldn't be replaced with anything that I do to forget it.
Love perhaps was the feeling that I had lost with my husband death. Now I'm working as a lecturer at the university where we first met. It felt safe to be surrounded by sweet memories. Sometimes, I would cry in the middle of the night, remembering the last words that I said to him when we quarreled. That was just before the accident that took away his life from me.
Luckily, we had the chance to live together , i have no regret for knowing him, loving him and marrying him. It was the bonds of fate that had tied us together, even though it was just for a short period of time. The thought of loving anyone other than my husband had never crossed my mind but who knew what surprises the future has for us.
It was then I met him, who was the opposite of my late husband. He was everything that I never dreamed of. At first I kept denying and ignoring his presence in my life. I kept thinking that I had already found the One for me and that was it. The walls that I built around me started to crumble by his actions, he slowly opens my heart. Maybe, there is such a thing like second chances in life. And maybe he is the one for me...

p/s: i'll continue later~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hiking at Broga Hill~

it's been awhile since i've done anything that requires stamina..
we went hiking at broga hill..
it was fun and very adventurous..
our journey started at 3am..
it was an hours drive to there..
i really, really, really want to do these kinda things again..
testing my limits, see how far i can push myself..
still, i need to find people who really enjoy these activities..
after the hike, we went to a water fountain near by..
i really, really, really like the river, water,
hehe.. i really enjoy what nature has to offer to us..
i'd really like to relive that experience, the adrenaline rush!
i'm out!

p/s: i'm still sore in some places... huhuhu...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exam is OVER !

i'm so happy!
celebrate with v.coke & chocs!
but i need to arrange my stuff...
which i have a ton of...
but a little vacation first to unwind...
little fountain here i come!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trust Issues..

Hurm... I heard about my friends problem...
Well her relationship problems...
It made me realize that trust is the basic foundation in any relationship...
If the person you love, friends, family, etc...
You should have faith in them, trust their decision,
well unless they betray you,
that's another separate issues,
but if you can't trust them,
so what's the point of having the relationship?
i trust the people i let in my life,
even in doubt i don't let the negative get to me...
because i know that they would never try to hurt me,
by doing things i don't like,
even if they did, i would always give them a chance,
people deserve a second chance right?

so, i'm gonna trust my dad's decision and just wish him all the best.

p/s; the engagement is this sunday, which means today!