My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Sunday, February 22, 2015

When you see this picture what pops into mind?

For me it's a place where I envision that I'm there with someone,
Someone who sees may flaws and mistakes as part of who I am,
And accepts me the good and bad part of me without judging me,
I just hoped that time would pass quickly and sometimes pause occasionally,
So, that when the time is right, I'll know what to do and how to say it,
It's like building a sand castle by the sea, you never know when the sea will wash it away,
The time is standing still right now for me,
The clock pauses, and here I am trapped in the moment,
Seeing other people passing by and moving forward,
While I remain in this same spot,

Can I say it?

I'm a girl with no ambition either in my career or life,
I'm tired of being mature and agreeable to other people,
Can I just say it out, I just want to be spoiled like any other person,
To be wanted as others are wanted,
To be cherished by another.

I sometimes wish that my future that lies ahead of me is something I can handle.
No more surprises, the so not gentle persuasion of getting me thinking about marrying me off to the next suitable candidate that comes by. Maybe, I'm just a nuisance in their happy & perfect life together. A flaw. I won't open up to you again. never, ever say that you want to sell this house that stores all those memories I've had with my mom here. I'm never going to leave, no matter what you do. This place is the only place where I can breathe, the only place I call home. It's you who should leave.