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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New addiction.

Yes, I'm still unemployed ( by choice ), I know that 's bad but I really needed the break,
The contract work that I had was stressful, who thought that going to different states for research was a walk in the park, simply my mistake for taking things lightly. Which resulted to hormone imbalance that resulted to not having my period for three months, that caused me to have 22 long days of blood flowing out the drain. Finally, after taking a break at home I can say that finally my body is back to normal ( what a relief ). Since, health is a very important aspect in life I'm gonna take my time in looking for future opportunities. Oh, since I got addicted watching Startling By Each Step drama which was a remake from a novel by Tong Hua, I got addicted to reading Chinese novels, since I can't read nor speak Chinese to save my life, I can only read it through other people's translation in English. So far the novels are quite interesting, even if it is in a realm that is filled with immortals and what not's, it certainly has it's own flair and charisma that draw one in it's story. I know I'm being ridiculous but it so fun to read them. Let's just say that English novels always have thriller and romance but Chinese have history, depth, the romance is sweet yet there's something extra to it. Read it for yourself to experience it. Recently, I find that Malay novels are to mellow and it's too predictable sometimes bordering to cliché plots that are typically used too often. Moving on, hopefully more updates on the novels that I'm reading. Happy, Happy day!


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