My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I just wish I knew why do these things happen,
can't you just show me the reason..

Monday, November 15, 2010

i had just woken up from a dream,
it was the kinda dream that always makes me smile,
it was funny,foolish & it was about the life i wanted for me..
haha.. i can't remember the details..
but i know i've dreamt about it all my life..
it was scene i was familiar with..
it never fails to make me smile..
even if the people in that dream are hazy
i just loved it..
i know that dream is the reality i want
and someday i can walk through it in real life..
till then ..

i hate people who are trying to put wool over my eyes
i hate ignorant people who think they know all about human behaviour
i hate people who needs drama to spice their own life
i hate people who judge only from their view only
i hate people who never tries to walk in other people's shoes
i hate being lied to
i hate being manipulated by people
i hate people who misuse my trust

you know what i really hate?

when i lose my trust & respect to other people

once lost, it's lost forever

p/s : hate is such a strong word that i rarely use

BUT i hate people as fierce as i love people!