My Words, My Say, I'll do it My Way~

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who I want to be~

In the future I hope to be,
someone who people can rely on,
someone who people lean on,
the person that will shade them from the bad,
the person that will appreciate you the best.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A little thought...

A little thought, For the parents that love me, that always wants the best for me. Who knows what I need, Who knows that I need to be led by someone, Someone who can guide me back to Allah. I thank everyday that Allah gives me, A day to better, to improve, A day to be more resolute in what I believe. Thank you Allah for blessing me always, For always giving me chances to improve, For always having faith in me. When the sunrises, A new day comes, A ray of light flashes and shines throughout the world. And I hope someday, I will be a ray of light and sunshine to someone, I can be yours if only you be mine! Promise!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

When you look back and see...

As the title says, when you look back and see...
That I have all that I need,
A belief that is firm and grounded,
Parents & sibling that love me,
Friends that appreciate me,
Reaching an age where I'm mature enough to be more understanding, more forgiving,
more confident in voicing out my opinions,
as much as I say I want a boyfriend,
in the end its just words that I like to say, not act upon.
It's not like I've never been asked,
the first time was a mistake,
the second time was immaturity,
when the third came, I learned how to say no and explain why not.
With every living day on earth I realize something new,
I want to be better,
I have to be better,
and I have faith that everything happens for a reason,
so I put my hopes & dreams all on Allah,
HE knows what's best for me.
 So, when a guy in particular asked me out,
I say NO,
 why? you ask me?
I believe that in the end what my parents decide for me is how it should be,
I may seem open minded,
but in terms of marriage and selecting a partner,
I prefer if he gets the approval from my parents.
Well that's just me, old fashioned and unconventional.
 That's all for now, Good Nite and May your dreams be blessed by ALLAH.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dubu- Dubu @ Mid Valley

Yesterday we had a food trip to Dubu-Dubu, a korean food outlet as part of our requirement for Asian Cuisine class. I may not be a good cook but I can be great eater~ hehe.. It was fun and somewhat complicated as I had a score to settle with someone. Well my closest friend would know what it is. It took time but with support from my friends I was able to truthfully turn my friend down. Its kind of weird being the centre of attention of people. Something I really don't like especially being teased by other people for something I don't even like. How come guys are so complicated, one day your their friend the next day they proclaim that they love you? Enough said, I turned him down gently but firmly. During these past couple of months I think I've grown more mature, hehe.. someone said to me that maturity is when you put others need ahead of your. Which seems something that I always do. Insya Allah in one fine day in the future I will meet that One special guy that will become my husband. There for now is the time for me to learn more about myself rather than playing around with unnecessary things. I choose to wait, I choose to put my faith in HIM ahead of anything, because in the HE knows whats better for me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lady Antebellum - just a kiss

a friend of mine who recently got engaged last year met a big challenge in their relationship, not once but twice she had to face this obstacle, she put her faith in him yet her trust was betrayed. In life there's no such thing that comes with guarantee. There was someone who tried knocking my heart & I tried and opened my heart to him, my life revolved around him. Yet in the end I was the one who left hurt & shattered. I can't trust someone who always sweet talk me, it's hard to trust when you've been hurt.