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Saturday, November 30, 2013

sometimes I wonder why am I here right now,
why I'm still alive in a world that is so cold,
just waiting for each day to pass in hopes one day I'll pass with it,
unwilling to live yet unable to die,
can't smile, can't laugh, can't cry,
can't live or die,
I just want a warm hand to hold to,
I'm not perfect still living with no warmth is too hard,
sometimes I want to scream & cry,
why this family, why that father, why that step mother, why did she have to die,
so many things i've tried to let go, still they bound me
can't i live peacefully. i really miss her. who can i confide to everything. i want her.
even in my dreams i cant see her. mom.
living is too hard with so much resentment in my heart.
sometimes waking up feels like a torture.
i just want to fall in a deep sleep and never wake up.
let go of me life


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