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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Past Yesterdays, Nowadays & New days ahead

People often forget that in order to reach where they are today,
They had to go through many days before reaching here,
And when they see the present you,
And the past you,
People will always wonder what had led you,
To be you now,
What had happen to you?
So many questions arise,
Whether the you now will succeed or succumb to temptation,
People judge other people,
But rarely judge what lies in front of them,
I judge, you judge, they judge,
It's rarely the same thing that is being judge,
Is she just faking it?
Is she sincere?
To judge others is easy,
But when your the one being judged,
Than that's a whole other story,
I'm far from perfect.
I too also judge people, friends and family.

But a friend is someone you accept them for their kindness,
Not the tiny little flaws that don't make up a friendship.


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