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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dubu- Dubu @ Mid Valley

Yesterday we had a food trip to Dubu-Dubu, a korean food outlet as part of our requirement for Asian Cuisine class. I may not be a good cook but I can be great eater~ hehe.. It was fun and somewhat complicated as I had a score to settle with someone. Well my closest friend would know what it is. It took time but with support from my friends I was able to truthfully turn my friend down. Its kind of weird being the centre of attention of people. Something I really don't like especially being teased by other people for something I don't even like. How come guys are so complicated, one day your their friend the next day they proclaim that they love you? Enough said, I turned him down gently but firmly. During these past couple of months I think I've grown more mature, hehe.. someone said to me that maturity is when you put others need ahead of your. Which seems something that I always do. Insya Allah in one fine day in the future I will meet that One special guy that will become my husband. There for now is the time for me to learn more about myself rather than playing around with unnecessary things. I choose to wait, I choose to put my faith in HIM ahead of anything, because in the HE knows whats better for me.


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