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Friday, September 13, 2013


People always forget about the things that they have in life until it is suddenly taken away from them.
When it's too late to say words that should've been said earlier, but we keep making excuses for not saying them. Like saying I love you to our parents, Thank you for bringing me up. Things that we find embarrassing to say them out loud and assume that they know what truly lies in our heart. People aren't mind readers for sure, if it were true then there'd be no sadness or war in this world. We believe that words doesn't have the power to move people, yet when we read about people's story we feel what they are trying to share in their writing ( or is it just me? ). I miss my mother the most, I can't say them out loud. I fear that those words once said can lead to other things. I really don't like to upset other people with my words or actions. Emotionless as I seem to other people, only I know the truth on what I feel. I can't say them out loud, it might burden others, it would probably make me feel weak. Which, I am. With some people I can open up and tell them about things that happen around me but true feelings are so hard to be expressed. Sadness, happiness will just pass by like season's change. Subtly changing without notice. People do to. Happiness is near yet far at the same time. Grasping for it, still slipping out of my hand all the time. Certainly a state of mind, happiness that is. Smile, laugh, smile some more, laughing again till one day when things will just come naturally to you. Forgive me for rambling here, age certainly changes one's perspective in life.


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