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Friday, November 15, 2013

Affliction to the heart.

I don't know if people know or not about this,
I haven't lived my life,
I lived in the stories that I read, knowing fully well life is never kind.
Finding bless and happiness in little things are so hard that most people take them for granted.
I'm happy living like this, safely living in my room no one can reach my heart and I no longer need to guard it.
I know the saying where you have never lived until you've loved,
I don't know love but disappointment is something I'm familiar.
So, I'm living like Liu He. Playing the fool, yet accepting everything that is destined like Liu Fu Ling.
Hoping to be as forgiving as Yun Ge and move forward.
I no longer have the affliction nor ambitions to be someone who I can't.
I shall reside here until left forgotten.


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