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Thursday, August 27, 2009


my mom's petua actually, since i was in high school that would be during my last year'

of high school, she would always tell me to rub the banana peel to my scar's which i

have collected for years and has become a remembrance to me, each one of them has

it's own story......

Like my scar at my head.... which happened when i was 5 years old..... i used to sit at

the computers desk and tip the chair backwards ( which annoys my mom ) and one

day, maybe as a sign that my mom's advice that i repeatedly didn't follow with god's

willing i fell backwards and i pulled the computer desk with me causing the monitor

to fall on my head ( which is the reason that i maybe a little loose..... hehehe )

which i don't remember but later told by my mom cause i notice the scar on my head

so, i try to follow her advice and guidance cause her words can be a blessing and it

might be a prayer for us...... the next Haji season my parents are going there to fulfill

my mom's dreams of going to Mecca at least once in her life time ( which i hope is

going to a long one and her cancer will not comeback again ) it will be a long separation

that i'm not willing to let her go that far away from me....... cause she gives me strength

especially when i'm down (and my best friend who knows me the real me )

i love my mom...... hehehe......

Our family pic during the raya festive year 2007

Up--from the left my lil bro, Abd. Rahman ( no. 6, 2nd son), my sis, Khadijah ( no. 4), me,

my eldest sis, Maryam ( 1st, 1st daughter), my only older bro, Ali ( no. 2, 1st son )

Bellow-- my lil bro, Abd. Rahim ( no. 7, last son), my mom n my dad, my lil sis, Rufaidah


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