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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy week....

Hurm..... Kitchen class is very tiring even tough the wasn't much work to be done, but my oh my the stress is very exhausting, on monday we had spain week the C.o.D was asma'. who unfortunately wanted us to do alucky draw on what should we cook.... i asked her not to do it ( i begged of course ), i wasn't very good on cooing but i like to do pastry items.... but it looks like lady luck hasn't been on my side for a couple of days cause no matter how simple and easy the desserts that were giv to me it would fail...... looks like i'll have to give up doing dessert for the time being and do something else...... yesterday, i fasted and i had dinner at hotel uitm ( french service ) the appetizer was quite good, however when the soup arrived i was shocked cause it was like an oiled soup with trio mushroom.
then came the main which we choose chicken, but some of the meat was still pink and tender.... so i pinned all my hope on the dessert which was very very unfortunately not good cause the middle cake wasn't properly cooked and still moist..... and it didn't taste that great either.... i was very disappointed with the food and service that they provided to us.... today we had the artistry kitchen we had to finish up our pastillage product, our basket had cracks on it so it had to be covered up with royal icing, we made a new base, our handle for the basket was run over k.nor and it broke into two pieces.... which annoyed us more cause it wasn't easy to make... all the morning was like walking in a haze, very very blurry memory or is it me just trying to block unhappy memories...... we might go the cinemas and catch a movie...... hopefully yes....


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