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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homework....... What a load.....

huhuhu...... first week of fasting and many firsts that comes with it....

my family had stomach aches from the past 2 weeks that infected them 1 by 1,

except my dad cause he's immune ( iron stomach,hehehe... just kidding ) first it was my

second sis ( aimi, who is currently studying on how t become a fashion designer )

then my lil sis got infected when she returned home for the school holidays and she isn't

that little anymore already a grown up ( she's 7 years my junior but almost my height, which

is kind of a cruel fate cause i'm her older sis ), recently my third sis ( khadijah, the one who is

doing her practical training for her accountant degree......) is also inflicted with it.......

latest patient is my only older bro ( ali, who is working as a technician at freescale and doing

degree in electrical engineering and who is also our net freak in the family he can't live

without the internet )


My To-Do-List

1. menu planning and ordering for international cuisine
2. finish administration plan
3. make-up with ...........
4. make calls to my grandparents for raya holidays
5. study for catering management & system and law's upcoming test
6. borrow books from library & return novels back
7. update blog about petua for En. Azli

which i'm gonna do after this.......


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