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Friday, March 29, 2013

We fight with every breath that we have,
We clasped our hands and pray,
For that every bond that we have shall last,
For each minute of our lives to be meaningful,
We hope for the best that lies ahead,
We try to envision the future,
For what shall be awaiting upon us,
For whom that will stay besides us then,
We wish for more time,
We want more things from life,
For each day that passes us by,
For memories left behind in the past,
We take a step into a new world each day,
We leave foot prints of yesterday,
For all that we've experienced,
For what made us who we are today,
We are the future,
We are the leaders of today,
For a new era,
For a new generation of Khalifah's,
We walk this path with pride,
We take our responsibilities by heart,
For those who falter,
For those who waver,
We'll extend our hands,
We'll not judge them for their mistakes,
For each person has a different fate,
For every life has their own story,
We can only encourage them and each other,
We give them words of comfort and guidance,
For those who believe in Allah,
For those who dream of Jannah,
We are entwined in the same faith,
We are soldiers of Islam.


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