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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Language Barrier !

Okay, my post isn't about the difficulties of me speaking proficiently in English,
it's more about how I lack the confidence in speaking it,
You can write and pour out your words and thoughts to a piece of paper,
more easily than voicing them out to people,
Last week, we had a speaking test it was on informal meeting,
Our corporation is a book conglomerate,
we were told to discuss on ways to broaden our companies influence around the world,
we were given 20 minutes to discuss,
we played our roles, said things that we were suppose to say,
when it finished someone just had to ask how their performance was...
That was indeed something that i didn't wanted to know at all !
I hate feeling inadequate in anything that i do,
which was the case...
So, the lecturer told me that i had the proficiency,
i had the fluency to speak the language,


I'm wasting it by keeping it to myself and just being silent during the discussion,
that was quite a blow !
I lack in confidence in a affects my performance...
When will i ever overcome this huge obstacle?


Blogger Bronson said...

why would you care what people says, its your time, its your moment so what the hell you care kan...heheh~

March 3, 2011 at 10:34 PM  

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