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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jim Rohn once said

" The walls WE build around US to keep out the SADNESS also keep out the JOY "

Which likely makes you very hard to share your Feelings or Emotions to other people

as they were always kept bottled up inside.... The Me right now wants to share my fears,

my personal battle to other people BUT will i ever have the guts to say it out loud,

by saying them it makes them seem very real and I for once am out of words on how to

console myself cause it was a fate that I myself had no courage to face it..........

Secretly kept for a couple of years is now out of the box BUT I pray in my heart that

whatever it is, I'll have enough courage and positive thinking in dealing with it..........

Hoping for the best of health in the future........

I know You'll always be there for me, as you never give me things that you think

that I can't handle..... May HIS love and blessing will always be by myside........


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